By Lana Jordan Juvinall


I have told this story before but think it is worth sharing again. 

Many Americans come to Mexico for medical services and many fear medical services in Mexico.  I know numerous stories of the incredible medical care in Baja and I would like to share mine.

I, personally, am living testament to the outstanding and inexpensive medical service in Mexico.  A few years ago I was run over by a car.  The accident broke the fibula and tibia in my right leg completely in half, my head was split when I was thrown and my ribs, shoulder and left hand were run over.

The Cruz Roja ambulance arrived within about 20 minutes with totally professional paramedics putting my leg together and checking my injuries and vital signs.  They phoned ahead to Excel Hospital in Tijuana and, when I arrived, two orthopedic surgeons were awaiting me.  I was taken immediately into x-ray where they x-rayed my entire body.  Then the surgeons sewed my head, reset my leg and poured a half cast.  They chose to delay surgery one day to make sure of no internal injuries.

There was no mention of how I was going to pay for the services of the hospital or surgeons!  The Cruz Roja ambulance did not charge me and I made a donation afterward.

I was placed in a private room, with an extra bed for my husband.  There were ten rooms on the floor, all monitored by TV cameras to the central nursing station, which, in addition to the nurses, had a 24-hr. doctor.  Daily the walls and floors were cleaned with an antiseptic to avoid chance of staph infection. A titanium plate and 8 screws were installed in my leg.  The doctors were wonderful, competent and caring, as were the floor doctor, staff and nurses.  The staff from the front desk even accommodated me by bringing phone messages to my room when my line was busy.

The total cost for my 4-day, 3-night stay was $12,000 USD, including surgeons, anesthesiologist, operating room, private room and doctor’s care for the next year.  My American Blue Cross paid half.